Discover How to Sail – Sailing in Warm Climates

Arriving in Pula marina is some spectacular sight with the backdrop of the marina appearing onto one of the ninth biggest Colosseum. We were on a week’s sailing holiday setting off from Pula, Croatia.

We all had chartered two ‘sailing boats’ (Which is also known as “najem jadrnic” in the Slovenian language), A50 foot Dufour, and a 40-foot Elan, with loaded all our bags, checked safety equipment, water, fuel, closed all the seacocks, we were off.

Our first port of call was a 1-hour motor away, as the wind was dropped, called Medulin, a small marina with loads of moorings offered.

Now of the season is simply slightly from the season so that we can hopefully anticipate the marina’s with berths available, unlike we were told around July, August.

Therefore we had picked the ideal time of the year. We had hired a skipper,” Nemod, for one of those boats as some of the team were doing some sail training and he would work as a guide to local knowledge.

This was his homeport and he advised us into the marina pub where he knew everyone and introduced us to the neighborhood vino Grappa, I am not sure what we had for dinner that night!

Another morning we set sail for Mali Losin, had an excellent 6/7 hour sail, even winds 3/4 and sunlight that is amazing entirely, both Yachts sailing but since you would assume the 50 foot Dufour leading the way.

Having moored upward and had our very first tipple we decided to have a look at the new scenery and discover a great spot for lunch.

Croatia is just a great place to research using an exquisite little square with bar restaurants and restaurants. We chose a great fish restaurant but found that the fish to be somewhat nice, but quite costly.

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