Different Ways to Get a Green Card

Starting a new life in the USA is what many of us dream about, some of us have achieved and others are trying everything they can to get there. Now, why do you need a green card and why couldn't you just get a visa to live your dream?

You can also get the services of EB5 USA Visa Consultation and Investor Visa in the USA. Visas are only a temporary alternative and include strings attached, though some may be extended under certain conditions. You will remain dependent on government principles and probably the firm that sponsored you.

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Here are the most frequent methods to have a green card.

Sponsorship by Family

For those who have close family members who are US citizens, they can host you for a permanent resident card.

Green Card Lottery

Each year, the United States are giving away over 50,000 permanent resident cards globally. It's called the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program (DV Lottery). There are just a few countries which aren't eligible to take part and that is because these nations already delivered more than 50,000 immigrants to the US over the previous five decades.

Sponsorship by Employer

Many green card holders whom I understand got the green card via their own employer. Your employer will need to proof that you're beneficial to the organization and they could not find an American who could do your work.


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