Different Types of Fabric Printing

There are different types of fabric printing are as follows:-

  • Discharge
  • Reactive
  • Khadi (White Ink)
  • Water Base Pigment
  • Oil Base Pigment
  • Cotton Burn

Discharge Printing

Discharge Printing is printing onto a dyed cloth, this procedure utilizes destroying agents like chlorine or hydrosulfide to ruin color on the cloth and makes the brilliant print onto it.
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Reactive Printing

Reactive printing is usually made with the heating procedure and this is actually the way of printing a wax, dyes, dyes or other colorants on a cloth or any other compacted materials. The printing procedure employs plate process.

 Khadi Printing (White Ink Printing)

Khadi Printing is mainly performed on light or dark colored cloth. The Printing process involves titanium oxide along with other auxiliaries mixing these 2 substances to the colorants provides a distinct color mix and the Essential factors constantly to keep in mind appropriate mixing provides need soft and print handle

Water Base Pigment Printing

Water foundation pigment is a sort of powder which needs to be blended with water to acquire pigments. The powder comes in a variety of colors distinct shades of every color can get by quantity the water blended in the powder.

Oil Base Pigment Printing

Oil-based pigment printing provides quality and fine prints and the printing created on any fabrics could be dried out immediately. The pigment stems acrylic based and volume of pigments could be raised by additives.

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