Diagnosis and Treatment of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is characterized by the increase of cancerous tumors in the glandular cells of the breast implants. Now, more women are surviving breast cancer than in the past.

More than 2 million girls are breast cancer survivors. With early detection and immediate and proper treatment, the prognosis for most women with breastfeeding may be favorable. If you want to know the treatment of breast cancer then, you can browse http://www.webforbim.com/16850844/มะเร็งเต้านม.

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Nobody understands why some women develop breast cancer and others don’t. Even though the disease can affect older women, 75 percent of breast cancer occurs in women age 50 or older.

A number of these noted dangers factors incorporate genetics or behavioral, exposure to estrogen, demographic variables (age, race, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status), nutrition and lifestyle, and smoking.

Breast Cancer Screening

To display or not to display – that’s the issue. The issue isn’t only medical but also an issue of economics. Identification of cancer, if first or recurrence is that the period of greatest intense pressure to get a cancer patient. This catastrophe is characterized by despair (depression), anxiety (anxiety), sadness, and irregular anger)


A mammogram is a particular x-ray of the breast which frequently will find cancers that are too small to get a woman or her physician to feel. Screening aims to find breast cancer at a really early stage when treatment is much more likely.

 The quantity of radiation required to generate a very clear mammogram (image) changes in breast density and size. To prevent undue exposure it’s highly desirable to use the lowest possible dose of radiation necessary.

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