Boosting On A Game Called Rainbow Six

Another Ubisoft game, huh? We all know that they pretty much produce some of the best and really big triple A games out there. And the fact that they pretty much helped made South Park The Fractured But Whole is also another reason for us to be biased about it. Still, it is not our favorite because that throne belongs to Naughty Dog. But nonetheless, to each their own and in this game, there is this thing called rainbow six boosting.

Apparently, this is when you rank up with the use of the other players or something. And with the use of their Proboosting on their website. This will help you not lose your rank since it seems to be almost impossible to keep it while carrying around a whole team of your friends.

They have this thing called diamond boosters where they apparently can guarantee that you get any rank you want within a really short time. This may require buying it with real money though. And we do not know about you, but is buying the game with actual money, not enough for gamers anymore?

They have already played the game and they can still do so again and again. Why do they have to spend more money just to get an upper hand on it? does that not mean that you are not capable of doing a good job yourself on your own? Why do you have to buy things to get boosters?

Is that not called cheating in a sense? Or is this comparable to sports? Where you play badminton but you have to have the best racket to get a good swing or something? We know that there is Esports now but seriously, buying things for a game that you already bought seems a little silly to us.

Or maybe we are just getting old and we cannot understand the youth these days now. Kids are mostly playing Fortnite now and we have a hard time understanding how that is so famous. Maybe it is because of the way it is played and because of the dances that they incorporate there?

If Rainbow Six was as famous as Fortnite, would it have the dances too? Or maybe the reason why it is not as famous as Fortnite is BECAUSE it lacks the things that Fortnite has. Whatever the reason, it seems like almost all the online games out there require some kind of expenses to it that just does not limit to only buying the game itself.

You have to be paying and buying for other things that you could have as a virtual weapon as well. You will literally be paying for something that is not real. And not really there. It would have been awesome if technology has found a way to make the weapons you buy in games real and physical.

So at least we could say that it was not such a waste to have been paying for it. Because if it was possible now, we would have been buying all the weapons there so we could own our very own guns.

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