Best Sports Events to Enjoy in Croatia Trip

Sailing is interesting activity itself plus something could say that it might be thought of a game event by itself. But, there are a few Sports events it’s possible to encounter while leasing a holiday on the craggy shore throughout the summertime.

Croatia Open Umag

Croatia Open Umag usually attracting renowned men from the planet from throughout the Earth, in addition to political, economic and reveal businesspeople. Croatia Open is among the earliest & most crucial social event that’s been held for more than ten years.


You will find annual sports betting regattas held all across the Adriatic, coordinated with numerous sports clubs, bringing fans of sailing all around the globe.

If you want to participate in sailing activities of Croatia then you can easily rent a luxury boat at without any hassle.

A regatta is some boat races, chiefly of sailing yachts, even though additionally motor yachts may compete in many races too and they’re largely recreational parties and training to your regatta could be understood from the movie below.

Famous regattas in Croatia are: Easter regatta maintained that the weekend before Easter and is still among the biggest Croatian regattas. Komiška regatta is kept at the end of Might. It is among the earliest European regattas.

Water Polo Championship

If you’re a fan of summer water sports, then make certain never to overlook water polo Championship at Dubrovnik, celebrated South Dalmatian historic town, where pleasure is ensured. The so-called Wild League starts early July and continues until the close of June once the winner is preferred. More than 40 teams compete for the winner title annually.

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