Best Dog Food for Jack Russell Terriers

Just because dogs can eat anything and everything put in front of them, that doesn't mean they should. You are what you eat and everything about your dog, from its wagging tail and big brown eyes to its loving demeanor, is dependent on its diet.

How can one sum up a Jack Russell Terrier? A whirling dervish, a shaken can of energy is as mini brownish tornado? From their dashing yet mischievous brown or black eye-patches to their short and compact build, a Jack Russell Terrier is designed for an active life. These dogs are not meant for everyone as they need to be kept busy and can get a little too energetic for inexperienced dog lovers or people with small children. Also, to know more about the dog food one can search for

JRTs are ancestrally hunting dogs, bred for the thrill and chase of the hunt, locating and catching prey and alerting their master to its presence. This in-bred attitude remains in most JRTs, so they tend to regard smaller animals and pets as prey and love to dig around in the backyard for potential victims. An integral part of caring for your JRT involves what it eats on a daily basis. Ultimately the best dog food for your JRT is one that keeps him frisky and active with a shiny, bright coat and sparkly eyes.

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