Benefits Of Swimwear Made Of Nylon

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Choosing the right fabric for your swimsuit is often neglected. Most of the time buyers are more invested in the brand, color, pattern and style. Choosing the right fabric has a lot to do with the way you want your swimming to reflect. While some fabrics soak up a lot of water and weigh you down, others turn out to be saggy.

Nylon is one of the most commonly used swim wear fabrics out there, mainly because it is extremely lightweight, durable and fits perfectly. Here are some of the reasons why we believe Nylon is the best swim wear fabric to go for:

  • Chlorine Resistant

Chlorine is used in most of the closed swimming pools around us to keep it clean and bacteria free. Chemicals such as chlorine aren’t good for human health; they irritate the skin and smell horribly. Nylon blend is one of the fabrics that are chlorine resistant, while they lose their color with sun exposure they hold up pretty good against chlorine.

  • Drag Reducing Material

If you are a seasoned swimmer then you will probably already know that the fabric of your swim wear has an impact on your swimming. The bulkier the cloth, the more drag you will have to face. Nylon reduces the drag and allows you to swim effortlessly.

  • Water resistant

Nylon is water resistant which makes it an excellent option for swim wear. It doesn’t absorb a lot of water and dries down completely and quickly.

Looking for swimwear Australia wide? Look for a reliable online store to find the perfect match for your body. If you aren’t sure about your size, feel free to ask for size charts.

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