Beginners Guide to Public Speaking at Events


Speaking event is a great way to spread your message to multiple people. It allows you to spread your message to a wider audience when compared to speaking to just a few ones. It also allows you to save time and earn more money. If you’re looking to organize a speaking event for the first time, then follow these tips.

  • Make a List – The first step to organizing a speaking event is to make a list of people who may be interested to listen to a speaker. You can start in your area first and then move on to other areas. As an organizer, you will want to speak to the speaker directly rather than talking to the assistant.
  • Start Dialing – Take some private time out and focus solely on calling the list. It is fine to be nervous while making the first call. But once you gain the confidence you will be flowing smoothly like a river. After the event, you need to ask for referrals.
  • Check Whether the Speakers Speech is Ready – You want to organize an event with the speaker ready with their speech. Ask them politely whether their speech is ready or not before the event starts. It will save time and the burden for you.
  • Think Out of the Box – During any event, there are chances that the main person may not be able to attend. Similarly, if you’re the main speaker is unable to attend the event due to personal reasons, you need to have an alternative speaker ready.

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