Basics Of Bolts Expansion

Expanding bolts are made of nuts and bolts in the arm and are usually made of lead. They are typically used to install items into concrete, masonry, stone, brick and other tough materials where normal bolts would not work.

‘Strap u -bolt and anchor bolts’ (Also known as ‘สายคล้อง u-bolt และสลักเกลียว’ in the Thai language) are made of steel and require special tools to install and remove from any material.

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Security expansion bolts are designed to install a bar. They usually have a steel cone mounted on the head of the bolt so it can not be removed.

Materials expanding the bolt is made of is very important, because some of these bolts will often be used as an anchor and thus should be very strong and sturdy. They are generally made of strong steel containing zinc and cadmium plating. 

Expanding bolts commonly used in the construction industry where there is a lot of movement and vibration, such as the stadium and the railway. They are also commonly used in rock climbing routes for climbers to use and placed in cracks and spaces in the rock and used as an anchor.

Expansion bolts have their own objectives and can only be used for specific purposes, and it is the same with other types of bolts. The hex bolt is one of the most common types of screws available today and is widely used in the construction industry. 

Carriage bolts are most commonly used in wood construction and wood, such as Hex bolts, has a threaded shaft and requires the use of matching screw nuts.

Lag bolts hex bolts resemble but are made of wood with tapered thread shaft and are used for fastening wood. eye bolts typically used to hang heavy equipment such as ceiling units lit or storage container and U-bolts are used to securely attach the pipe or other round objects for the structure.

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