Access Management Control in IT is not just about the tools!

In today's changing and complex environment, there is a growing concern and much debate around the use of access management and the validity of these controls set up to encourage overall security and compliance initiatives.

Often times, organizations fall short in their access control objectives, but why? Simply deploying the hottest in tools and technology is just one ingredient to the total procedure of access administration. If you want to know more about access control then you can simply browse to this source: Access Control Management System – Secure Identity with GateKeeper

New threats, technologies and compliance rules stress the use of controls. Add to the to the fear of failing an audit or worse yet encountering unauthorized access can change focus away from the organization's real objective which is to guard its vital advantage — information.

access control management dashboard

What practices should you be considering and possibly deploying to meet the needs of this evolving process?

Make no mistake, accessibility management has a great number of models, frameworks, and guidance regarding how to deploy and command it but there's one thing in common: accessibility direction is a discreet process that must be treated as such.

The model below illustrates that although this is a separate process, it has key relationships with different places.

At the risk of sounding cliché," the whole is far greater than the sum of its parts" is a perfect means to outline that although you are able to deploy every region, they are generally inert with no others.

Every one of the areas below should be seen as a holistic strategy, instead of focusing on individual locations.

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