A Guide to the Manual Posthole Digger

A manual posthole digger is also called a clamshell digger. It is a tool used for little digging projects . The manual posthole digger or clamshell digger as some call it's a tool which works fine for smaller jobs. Really, what a hand ground auger is compared to big mechanical augers, the guide posthole digger would be to power versions. Dingo hire Perth from $120 per day pickup and delivery offered is best services for your work.

A Guide to the Manual Posthole Digger

A posthole digger shouldn't be confused for a post pounder, which is frequently used together with the digger, but to induce the rod into the hole when the hole is dug.

A normal manual posthole digger includes a handle provided that six-feet long. This allows for greater depth than smaller versions with five-foot grips. The digger's handles are usually made from hardwood and are covered in a transparent varnish.

This clear coating isn't merely decorative; it also allows the buyer to see that the wood's condition beneath it. That is important since some not-so-reputable businesses paint the handles to conceal the poor wood beneath.

The tool's handles are normally rounded on top. This makes it much easier to use. On the bottom, however, the ends are square, because this provides added strength.

The blades of a fantastic digger are precision molded and hardened. They are sharpened and then covered by a shield that protects them when they are being sharped; the shield also keeps the digger sharp and ready for use.

Please be aware, however, the tool works best in softer soils, such as clay. If you try to dig gravel with it, you'll have a bit of a difficult time, unless the stones are quite small.  

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